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As of June 19, 2014, the operation of Enterprise Cape Breton Corporation has been transferred to both the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency and the Public Works and Government Services Canada.  Content on this site has been archived for reference, research or recordkeeping purposes.
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Statement - Royal Cape Breton Yacht Club

SYDNEY (NS) – January 15, 2013 - Recently, a number of questions have been asked in respect to Enterprise Cape Breton Corporation’s (ECBC) purchase of property on the Sydney harbour, and the operation and sustainability of the current Royal Cape Breton Yacht Club (RCBYC) and the newly constructed Ben Eoin Marina (BEM).

First, the RCBYC

1.  ECBC did not purchase the RCBYC.  ECBC purchased five (5) acres of property owned by the RCBYC for $280,000.

2.   A representative of the Board of Directors of the RCBYC approached ECBC to   determine if ECBC was interested in purchasing the property.

3.  The decision first to discontinue operations of the RCBYC and secondly to accept the ECBC offer was made by the RCBYC Board, independent of  ECBC.

4.  The Board of the RCBYC has concluded that its operation was no longer sustainable.  Declining membership, high level of debt, insufficient cash flow and deteriorated infrastructure were all factors that led the Board of the RCBYC to this decision.

5.  An assessment of the actual RCBYC clubhouse was completed by CBCL Consulting Engineers at the request of the RCBYC and the projected cost of renovation is in excess of $2 million.

6.  Representatives of the Board of the RCBYC are engaged in discussions with the Board of the newly constructed Ben Eoin Marina to finalize plans to integrate operations and governance of the BEM and RCBYC.  Both will continue to operate.

7.  One objective of the above-noted discussions is the preservation of the RCBYC charter.

8.  Another objective is the identification, documentation, preservation, storage and/or transfer of all items of historical significance within the RCBYC.

9.  ECBC views the acquisition of the RCBYC land as an important enabler to plans for long-term harbour-front development.  ECBC will be consulting and working with other stakeholders to harbour-front development to finalize and agree upon a strategic long-term development plan. The demolition of the actual RCBYC clubhouse will be supportive in achieving the full community and commercial potential of responsible harbour-front development.

Now, need and sustainability of the BEM

1.  The BEM will be one key element of Ben Eoin Recreation Inc., a twelve (12) - month-of-the-year destination recreational property.

2.  Representatives of the Board of BEM, The Lakes Golf Course and Ben Eoin Ski Club have signed a Memorandum of Agreement which will lead to an integrated operational and governance structure for Ben Eoin Recreation Inc.  The end result will be world class infrastructure that will competitively advantage Cape Breton, create further employment and realize sustainable economic development benefits.

3.  All three groups will develop under one organization and share resources with the objective of creating a recreational value proposition which is sustainable and provides world class tourism experience for residents and visitors to Cape Breton.

4.  There are currently over 100 applications for slips at the BEM.  Only 68 are available.

5.  An integrated RCBYC and BEM will be more efficient and sustainable.  It will provide a level of service to the on and off island boating and yachting community not currently available, and its development is consistent with the Bras d’Or Lakes Marina Study.  Its operation will be environmentally responsible with clean, modern marina services including pump-out facilities and boat storage.  In addition, youth sailing instruction and programs will be available.

6.  ECBC has agreed to receive an application for infrastructure improvements to the existing wharf and finger slips of the RCBYC on the Sydney harbour.  This facility will continue to be available to the members of the RCBYC/BEM and the public.

ECBC, the RCBYC and the BEM view this initiative as necessary to the long-term sustainability of marina infrastructure and to the development of boating tourism on the Bras d’Or Lakes.


D.A. Landry
ECBC Communications
902 564 3617


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